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Financial Results

When does MCHC announce the financial results?
Please refer to “IR Calendar.”
Where can I find the latest financial information?
Please refer to the “Financial Results” page.
I’d like to know the past results.
Please refer to “Financial Information,” “Historical Data” and documents in “IR Library” page.
I’d like to see an annual report or an integrated report.
From FY2013, we have integrated financial and non-financial information into KAITEKI Report.
You can download PDF file from “Download KAITEKI Report.”

Stock Information

What is the Company’s securities code in Japan?
The code is 4188.
How has your share price been changing?
Please refer to the “Share Price Chart” page.
What is the unit of share transactions?
It is 100.
I’d like to know the details on major shareholders.
Please refer to the “Stock Overview” page.
When are the entitlement dates for dividends?
The end of March for year-end dividends and the end of September for interim dividends.
I’d like to know the status of the dividend payment.
Please refer to the “Dividend” page.
Does the Company offer any preferential treatment to shareholders?
Not at present.
When is the shareholders meeting held?
It is scheduled to be held in June.
Please refer to “IR Calendar” page.

Corporate Profile

When was the Company established?
It was established on October 3, 2005.
Mitsubishi Chemical and Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation (current Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation) jointly established a holding company through a stock-for-stock exchange.
Where can I find an access map of the Company?
Please refer to “Access Map” page.
I’d like to find out about the business domains of the Company.
Please refer to “Business Domains” page.
I’d like to see an overview of the Company, including the number of employees and affiliates.
Please refer to the “Corporate Profile” page.
I’d like to find out about the management plan.
Please refer to the “Medium-Term Management Plan” page.
I’d like to see a corporate brochure.
You can download a pdf file at “Group Brochure” below.

MCHC Group Products

I'd like to inquire about the product.
For information on products and services of the MCHC Group, please access each company's official site.

By using the Products Search, you can find the main contact points in charge of the product.

NCHC Group Products & Services Search. NCHC Group Products & Services Search.