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The MCHC Group recognizes the word “Compliance” as a broad term covering corporate ethics and general social norms, not only basic legal adherence.
We regard compliance as one of the most important managerial issue to achieve continuing existence as a company that merits the trust of the public, and we take measures to embed a compliance culture in the entire Group.

Compliance Promotion Structure

The Group Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is appointed by the MCHC Board of Directors. The Internal Control Office supports the CCO, acting as a secretariat dealing with compliance matters. To support Group activities, the secretariat compiles standard education tools, arranges training courses, and has established hotline systems for overseas Group companies. It also aims to ensure compliance in accordance with regional conditions through regional control companies established in the United States, Europe, and China. Each operating company has its own Compliance Promotion Committee as well as an Internal Control Promotion Department that serves as secretariat. They operate hotline systems and implement training courses and seminars, business audits and compliance awareness surveys based on the MCHC Group Compliance Promotion Rules. In the event of a compliance violation, this must be reported to and discussed with the relevant company’s Internal Control Promotion Department and the MCHC Internal Control Office, so that corrective actions and recurrence prevention measures can be taken.

Initiatives for Fair Business Practices

We established the MCHC Group Global Anti-Bribery Policy and the MCHC Group Global Antitrust Policy in 2014, and drew up the guidelines to supplement the Global Anti-Bribery Policy for China in 2015 and for Asia in fiscal 2016. As a result of these initiatives, there were no major violations of relevant laws and regulations during fiscal 2016.
Going forward, we will continue to take measures to ensure not only to prevent bribery and violations of antimonopoly law from a global perspective and to also ensure legal adherence in each country.

Hotline Systems

The MCHC Group operates hotline systems, with either the internal control promotion departments of MCHC and main operating companies or external lawyers acting as contact points. As the internal and external contact points were effectively used, 194 pieces of information were provided in fiscal 2018. Their breakdowns are shown in the chart below. The internal control promotion departments responded to the reported cases and, when problems were confirmed, we took corrective measures promptly in line with the MCHC Compliance Hotline Operation Rules under the CCO’s direction. As a result, disciplinary action was taken against 8 cases in fiscal 2018. At the same time, we are making efforts to prevent recurrence through the compliance training and other measures.