Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsKAITEKI Value for Tomorrow

Message from the CIO

We will strengthen our innovation capability by introducing new perspectives, embracing risk, and deepening our global connections.

Social and technological changes are occurring more rapidly than ever before. This environment presents both challenges and tremendous opportunities for the MCHC Group. Innovation is the essential element to enhance our growth and profitability, but we cannot be successful using only the approaches of the past. We must accelerate our innovation cycle and aggressively expand our perspective beyond the chemical industry and beyond Japan. We must exploit new developments globally, wherever and whenever they occur.

To achieve early commercialization of next-generation businesses in our focus markets, the MCHC Group takes a multi-dimensional approach to innovation. For current and adjacent technology and business areas, the wide-ranging R&D efforts of our four main Business Companies take the lead. We increasingly leverage synergies between multiple MCHC Group companies to create value. In addition, my team in MCHC’s Emerging Technology and Business Development Office (ETBDO) is introducing new platform capabilities across the MCHC Group, notably in digital transformation, global venture engagement, and new market development. For example, digital initiatives to improve operational excellence are starting to impact our bottom line, and venture collaborations focused on near-term business growth are expanding rapidly.

These new platform capabilities established by ETBDO also have a critical role in creating the next major jump in shareholder value, by enabling expansion beyond our current technology and business areas. We established a new corporate venture capital fund and Silicon Valley-based subsidiary, Diamond Edge Ventures, Inc., in July 2018. Our first investments are opening doors to new markets for our current businesses, while acting as strategic entry points for disruptive innovation. We are creating new concepts for digital transformation of our supply chain and for emerging market platforms that could become dominant over the next 10 years.

We are also creating a compelling long-term vision for the MCHC Group. The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. is central to this effort. We are partnering with the World Economic Forum to develop policy frameworks in key areas such as 3D printing and healthcare data systems. And as the first foreign executive member of the Council on Competitiveness Nippon (COCN), I continue to promote deeper sharing of perspectives between Japanese businesses and the global community.

Now in my third year as Chief Innovation Officer, I have never been more excited about the future of our company. We are building the framework for growth and transformation now, with relentless focus on shareholder value. It all starts here... with innovation!

Larry Meixner
Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Chief Innovation Officer