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Research and Development Management

The MCHC Group embraces various approaches to strengthen our core technologies, including internal R&D, external R&D, venture investments, open shared business (OSB*) and M&A activities. Moreover, by developing systems to promote information sharing between operating companies and reduce the risk of information leaks, MCHC accelerates synergy among its core technologies and engages in R&D management that tracks the progress using Management of Technology (MOT) Indices. The twelve MOT Indices were selected to quantify the following: efficiency of research and development (R&D Index), technological superiority (Intellectual Property Index), and compatibility with social needs (Market Index). The indices were introduced on a trial basis in FY2013 and reviewed during the formulation of APTSIS 20. The new indices have been in use since FY2016.

* Open Shared Business (OSB): OSB is MCHC’s original framework in which MCHC works with organizations outside the Group to advance collaboration in both R&D and business while developing a distinctive value chain.
“OSB”: MCHC registered trade mark No. 5585432