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Message from the CHO

Initiatives for KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management

The MCHC Group promotes KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management to boost creativity and productivity of diverse people who contribute to a realization of KAITEKI through improving health and reforming work-styles. Using a PDCA (plan, do, check and act) cycle and based on three core KPIs, we are pushing forward initiatives related to human resource development, promoting diversity, supporting flexible work-styles, and improving health conditions. We developed and introduced a proprietary system, i2 Healthcare, to support employees’ health more than a year ago. As a result, many of our employees now use wearable devices to monitor their sleep quality, exercise, heart rate, and other indicators in real time, raising their health awareness and improving self-care.

The ideal state of individuals and the organization

For the MCHC Group to achieve sustainable growth in the face of accelerating changes in the business environment, the Group must have systems in place to maximize the potential of individuals and organizations. As part of strategic investments in human resources, we have introduced an ICT-based communication infrastructure system, and are enabling flexible work-styles, such as telework, to boost productivity and creativity. In addition, we have been exploring what individuals and the organization should be thorough discussions to formulate the medium- to long-term basic management policy “KAITEKI Vision 30”. We are also planning to reinforce efforts to develop employees with digital skills and leverage external resources as part of our shift to a data-driven business model. A diverse workplace that fosters vitality is the foundation of an organization with a culture of open-mindedness and high levels of trust. We will foster a corporate culture that sparks creativity in each employee and promotes the drive to create new value.

Ken Fujiwara
Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Health Officer