Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsKAITEKI Value for Tomorrow


What is KAITEKI?

KAITEKI means “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.” It is an original concept of the MCHC Group that proposes a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues.

Promotion of KAITEKI Management

To realize KAITEKI, we have adopted an approach called KAITEKI Management. It is management approach to enhancing corporate value based on three types of management.
Two of them, Management of Economics (MOE) and Management of Technology (MOT), have been traditionally emphasized. MOE promotes to optimize capital efficiency within our company, and MOT strives to create innovations for society. And the third management approach, Management of Sustainability (MOS), has a new perspective and aims to improve the sustainability of people, society and the Earth.
KAITEKI Management is unique, and we call the value created from the three kinds of management “KAITEKI value.” We believe that enhancing KAITEKI Value will lead to the realization of KAITEKI. We promote this management approach aiming to generate revenue and develop ourselves sustainably while contributing to solving environmental and social issues as a company.

Corporate value KAITEKIValue