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Reducing Emissions of Substances that Impact the Environment

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

Mankind has taken significant strides forward thanks to technological progress. Its immense contribution includes dramatically lower mortality rates and higher standards of living. On the other hand, the negative aspects that have accompanied this progress cannot be ignored. It has increased pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, causing environmental problems. In response, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group has endeavored to conduct corporate activities in consideration of the environment while contributing to technological development through its businesses.

Main Activities

Reducing Emissions of Substances that Impact the Environment From Business Activities

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group has identified substances that impact the environment in connection with its business activities. These are greenhouse gases (GHG), which contribute to global warming; nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx); particulates; volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and nitrogen in discharged water. The Group has been conducting activities to reduce these emissions based on emissions-reduction targets.

Disclosing Environmental Information

Mindful of the importance of verifying and reporting on corporate activities from a global perspective in disclosure related to the environment, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group has disclosed information in the KAITEKI Report and on its corporate website. The Group will further enhance the reliability of its disclosure by steadily extending it to include more organizations covered, increase disclosure elements, and heighten their precision.