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Preserving Water Resources

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group views preserving water resources as an important part of environmental preservation and advances initiatives accordingly. The Group makes efforts to reduce its business activities' impact on water resources and to contribute to resolving water supply-and-demand issues through its products that help preserve water resources.

Main Activities

Efforts to Reduce the Group's Impact on Water Resources

Efforts to reduce the Group's impact on water resources include lowering water intake by reusing cooling water rigorously, which results in preserving water sources, and managing discharged waterquality appropriately, which results in maintaining the water quality of seas and rivers.

Efforts to Contribute to Resolving Water Supply-and-Demand Issues through the Group's Products that Help Preserve Water Resources

Furthermore, to contribute to solving water supply-and-demand issues through our products, the Group develops and markets products with water purification capabilities. The Group's products enable water resources that were unusable previously to be usable industrially and water that used to be discharged as wastewater to be reusable within operating sites; as a result, the Group helps to preserve water resources.