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Fair Business Practices

Charter of Corporate Behavior

We shall conduct business fairly and sincerely, adhering to ethical principles and refraining from unfair trade practices and any form of bribery or corruption, to contribute to sound social and economic development through fair competition in the market. We shall refuse to work with any group, organization, or individual engaged in unlawful activities, and under no circumstances shall we have any relations with anti-social influences.

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group is vigorously pushing ahead with the globalization of its business activities to drive sustainable growth together with stakeholders worldwide. Notably, the Group handles numerous types of materials that are used in infrastructure that underpins social prosperity. For this reason, the Group's business activities and supply chains now extend beyond developed countries to certain emerging countries and regions where legal systems are still being developed. The Mitsubishi Chemicals Holdings Group is determined to conduct fair business practices in any country or region around the world. To this end, guided by its basic regulations, the Group is working to implement bribery prevention measures and measures against anti-social forces, along with conducting awareness-raising and training activities to enhance knowledge of antitrust laws and other rules, and establishing standards and rules to maintain fairness. The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group also recognizes that one of our corporate social responsibilities is to return profits from business successes to local societies in the form of taxes. As such, we make our tax payments in keeping with the spirit and letter of local legislation and a desire to contribute to local societies in all areas where we have operations.


For information about the promotion structure for activities related to fair business practices, please see "Promotion Structure for Management of Sustainability (MOS)" on the Awareness and Responsibility webpage

Main Activities

For information about specific activities related to fair business practices, please see the following webpages: