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Anti-Trust and Unfair Trade

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Antitrust Act is made up of three main principles, which are the prohibition of private monopolization, the prohibition of unreasonable restraints on trade such as cartels and bid-rigging, and the prohibition of unfair trade practices. The Act aims to promote the development of market economies through free and fair competition and is a fundamental rule to comply with in conducting business activities. The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group deeply understands the importance of compliance with the Antitrust Act and is working to ensure this compliance.

Main Activities

Implementation and Compliance with Regulations

Operating companies implement and comply with relevant regulations such as fair trading standards, Antitrust Act compliance manuals, and rules for attending the meetings of industrial groups.

Management and Oversight of Antitrust Act Compliance

Operating companies manage and oversee Antitrust Act compliance primarily by convening meetings of the Antitrust Act Compliance Subcommittee, a special subcommittee of the Compliance Promotion Committee (Corporate Ethics Committee at Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.).

Conducting Workshops and Lectures

Operating companies conduct workshops and lectures led by lawyers and others experts regarding the Antitrust Act. Operating companies also encourage employees to improve their awareness and knowledge of the Antitrust Act through e-learning programs.