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Information Management

Charter of Corporate Behavior

We shall, in the course of our corporate activities, maintain appropriate records and make reports as required by law and regulation. We shall manage information carefully to prevent leakage of confidential data relating to customers, business partners, or our own business.

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

Current developments with sharing or using information over information networks have been accelerated by revolutionary technology and the emergence of a data driven economy. This makes the vulnerability of information security an emerging risk for us. Under the circumstances, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group aims to ensure that all employees of the Group are aware of the importance and responsibility of protecting information assets. The Group strives to maintain and improve the effectiveness of information security as part of its efforts to prevent problems such as business interruption and the loss of society’s trust due to the leak or falsification of information.


For information about the promotion structure for activities related to information management, please see "Promotion Structure for Management of Sustainability (MOS)" on the Awareness and Responsibility webpage.

Main Activities

Under the Information Security Committee, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group works to steadily maintain, manage, and improve Group-wide information security.

Implementation of Awareness-raising Activities

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group regularly implements awareness-raising and training activities for all Group employees to ensure that they have thorough knowledge of information management.