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Employment and Labor

Charter of Corporate Behavior

We shall not engage in any form of forced, compulsory, or child labor, and shall require our suppliers and other contractors to adhere to the same standards. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group managers at all levels shall respect human diversity and create working environments where employees can exercise their capabilities to the utmost in safe and healthy settings, in order to make optimal use of human resources. Managers shall build sound relations with employees through close dialogue and shall respect employees' rights, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group believes that if Group employees can feel satisfied in their work and lead fulfilling lives by growing through that experience, this can result in happiness for employees and increased corporate value. Guided by this belief, the Group established Global Policy on Respecting Human Rights, Employment and Labor as its specific guideline and striving to improve workplaces together with employees based on the following themes: enhancing employee satisfaction, supporting the success of diverse human resources, work-life balance, employee capability development, employee health management, occupational health and safety, and relationship between employers and employees.



For information about the promotion structure for activities related to employment and labor, please see "Promotion Structure for Management of Sustainability (MOS)" on the Awareness and Responsibility webpage

Main Activities

The acquisition of resilient power that can respond to changes is essential to react to a rapidly changing society and economy, and to maintain excellence among a world-class field of competitors. Therefore, we are working to make sure that diversified individuals are able to work enthusiastically, grow through their work, and remain satisfied with their lives.
For information about specific activities as well as targets and results, please see the following webpages: