Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsKAITEKI Value for Tomorrow

Message from the CSO

In recent years, amid growing concern over global environmental and social issues, there has been an upward trend toward pursuing sustainability around the world following the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the enforcement of the Paris Agreement. Accordingly, we recognize that expectations for the private sector has been growing, and this is suggested by the expansion of ESG investments.

Envisioning our ideal future

With an objective toward sustainable growth among disruptive changes in digital technology that are transforming the structure of the industry, companies must envision the ideal future with a long-term mindset and therefore take prompt actions for that future, instead of conventional approaches of growth strategies that are simply an extension of existing businesses. We have visualized what the MCHC Group should look like in 2030 considering the Earth, society, and people by backcasting from our vision of society in 2050. We are formulating a medium- to long-term basic management policy, “KAITEKI Vision 30”, the framework of the strategy to realize what we should be in 2030. We will set clear targets for 2030, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, which will be reflected in the next medium-term management plan.

Realizing an optimized recycling-oriented society

In order to address pressing issues including climate change and ocean plastic, we recognize the need to be proactive by transforming business models and innovation.

With respect to climate change, the Group has made a concerted effort to reduce GHG emissions from its production activities of the Group, while developing products that will help reduce GHG emissions of our customers. In October 2018, we announced support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In a similar manner, we will enhance our climate-related disclosure, and recognize what society expects from us through dialogues with investors and other stakeholders while working to spark innovation in product development.

As a key element for realizing KAITEKI, one of our ambitious initiatives is the enterprise-wide promotion of circular economy, which will drastically change social mechanisms and industrial structures. In May 2019, we established the Circular Economy Promotion Committee and are considering specific development themes that can create both social and economic value. However, we cannot build a circular economy on our own; the entire value chain must be involved. Therefore, we will build business models and collaborate with the initiatives that companies and organizations in our value Environmental/Social issueschain participate in.

Truly putting our corporate philosophy into practice

To ensure further adoption of KAITEKI globally, we are further strengthening KAITEKI approach to penetrate our corporate philosophy in the Group. For each employee to take ownership of social issues and to address social issues through business activities, increased awareness of social issues is required from both organizations and individuals. Founded on this, we have held workshops for division managers and general managers to discuss the concept of KAITEKI since FY2018. With these workshops as a starting point, we will promote the adoption of KAITEKI in each workplace, empowering our employees to drive change and strive to put KAITEKI truly into practice.

Sustainability is our priority focus - we will strive to achieve the sustainability targets of APTSIS 20, and ensure continued growth by promoting further alignment between the business strategy and the sustainability strategy.

Yoshihiro Ikegawa
Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Chief Sustainability Officer